11 January 2009

Short memories?

It isn't just that so many people are carrying on something chronic about the cold weather - look, it's winter, OK? I am beginning to think that ninety-five percent of the populace has no long-term memory left, or at least nothing that will take them back beyond, say, two years without some form of assistance. Even the elder brethren can't seem to remember that we had snow in South-east England only a few years ago (here's Sally investigating in the garden in 2004) , leave alone anything further back, like the hard winter of 1962-63, or as Simon Barnes pointed out the other day in the Times, 1947.

But it's not just the weather. All sorts of things have dropped outside the radar, from mortgages not being easy to get (even from your own bank or building society) to the idea that a long-established business might fail or that all foods are not always available all the year round at a price to suit every customer's budget. The media have always been keen to talk about "Thatcher's children" - I wonder has the time come to talk of "Blair's children" - those who instinctively dislike the past and its lessons, and think only of tomorrow and the new credit card?


Jilly said...

I couldn't agree more! Everyone seems to have forgotten the recession we had in the early 1990s I can also recall being snowed in during the late 1980s. Mortgages also haven't always been easy to come by.

NAM said...

Indeed. What price one of the Inspectors buying us cakes for the Economic Situation somewhere in the year I worked for the Revenue
(1973-74)? Hard to believe we had Selective Employment Tax then, too!

Jilly said...

Yes people used to do that! Wish someone would buy us cakes - we'd probably be their friends for life at the moment!