12 March 2009

Spend money to help the economy? Well, OK, but on what?

There’s a nice long list of things I won’t be blowing it on, that’s for sure:

Having my nails wrapped (I don’t even like long nails, really, leave alone having something stuck under them to make me look like some kind of calcium freak)

Having my eyebrows threaded (what???)

Buying a designer handbag (It costs how much? C’mon, it’s a bag, for heaven’s sake. I put bus tickets and sandwich wrappers in it)

Sessions on a sun bed (even leaving out the skin cancer risk) (I am pale and proud of it)

Taking out a gym subscription (I. DO. NOT. DO. EXERCISE) (if you work in a museum, that’s enough to be going on with, frankly)

Taking out a subscription to WeightWatchers (OR DIETS)

Detoxing (an even more stupendous con than designer bags)

Taking up golf (if sailing is standing under a shower tearing up banknotes, I hate to think what golf is)

Vertiginous heels a la Victoria Beckham (as illustrated on Zen Mischief recently – nuf said)

Anything described as (quote) Must Have

I’m sure there are others, too, lots of ‘em. Maybe the peeps at the auction I went to in January had the right idea – though I do begrudge the buyer’s premium and VAT – at least those are things you can take pleasure in owning, and can sell again if you change your mind.


Jilly said...

I shan't be buying any of those either. My father always used to call golf a good walk spoilt - and he used to play himself at one time! But yes I think golf can be expensive as well though doesn't need to be.
Definitely no diets or beauty treatments either or the gym.
Museums are like libraries - people always think they're not physically demanding jobs. All I can say is they haven't worked in either or they wouldn't say that.
Someone I know nearly murdered her husband after he said condescendingly that she needed to take more exercise after she'd spent three hours doing the housweork! Exercise is what you make it.

NAM said...

Absolutely. I thought how nice to see someone in the paper recently suggest that housework is actually better for you than going to the gym, (especially as so many people go there by car even when there's no real need).

And considering I don't even like housework...

Jilly said...

No I don't like it either!