14 June 2009

Clothes shopping

I decided to devote some energy to clothes shopping yesterday afternoon. While I did actually spend some money – which is far from always the case – I have seldom seen such an acreage of things I would never want to wear.

Apart from a lot of horrible synthetic fabrics and unflattering colours (orange, mustard, chartreuse) a number of my pet hates were visible – frilled T-shirts, tops ornamented with beads and paste ‘gems’, cropped trousers, jackets with ‘skirt’ cuffs. And I especially dislike holding a garment up to the light and being able to see through it (and we’re talking T-shirts and cardigans here, not nighties). Yes, I look better in substantial stuff anyway, but to me flimsy equals bad value. Some of these things are going to look wrecked by the time they’ve been worn twice, and even worse if they’re washed.

K and I are going to a formal occasion (ladies are requested to wear hats!) tomorrow, and I think the newest thing I shall be wearing are my sandals, bought last year. If I could wear shoes at the moment then it would be courts, and the newest thing would probably be my evening jacket, which is about four years old. My dress is circa 1989 Laura Ashley, and I haven’t yet seen another one I like as well – but then contrary to what all the marketing types in the fashion industry would insist, I like my clothes so much (when I do buy them) that I want them to last for ever.


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Jilly said...

I cannot remember the last time I went shopping for clothes. Since changing my wardrobe about 80% of my wardrobe 3 or 4 years ago - by buying and selling on eBay at a net cost of about £50 I just don't bother.
On the odd occasions I've looked in the shops like you I've been appalled by the lack of quality.
So I look for clothes which are quality items which will suit me and which will last because if I like them then I want them to last. I'm still wearing skirts and dresses I bought over 10 years ago these were the ones which didn't get culled!