10 July 2009

Dressed up and dressed down

Having cast doubt in an earlier posting on the current British ability to do formal wear really well these days, I’m very cheered by much of the informal clothing I’m seeing around in London this summer. Good colour combinations, comfortably cut (but not scruffy) garments, some imaginative mixes, above all, people actually looking as if they’re enjoying what they’re wearing. I think we’re getting better at this sort of clothing instead, perhaps – and in future commentators will say things like “Oh, yes, that sort of badly put together casual look is typical of 1995–2005, before people learnt to be happier about what they wore”.

Maybe it’s partly because although there are fashionable elements, there isn’t really one distinctively fashionable look any more – you know, more people may actually be wearing what they prefer and what suits them – we can hope so, anyway. Yes, of course there are always some fashion disasters to be seen, but they can be amusing, apart from the fact that if you really want to wear bright orange tights, or your clothes (apparently) inside out, or stick wooden wedges in your shoes (all of which I’ve seen recently) it is your right to do so.

And of course, some fine weather helps, although everybody still seemed to be putting a good face on it on Tuesday, when the heavens opened and all those summery clothes got soaked. I should have known better than to comment to my colleagues as we left work that evening “Oh look, it’s more or less stopped raining…”


Jilly said...

I agree about there not being a particular fashion 'look' at the moment - which I think is a good thing. I've always tended to wear what I wanted anyway. Currently one of my favourite garments is a basically denim patchwork skirt but it also has bits of brocade type fabric (red and gold), dark blue broderie anglais, dark blue cord and dark blue velvet with a handkerchief hem. Very Bohemian but long and coolish and comfortable and probably wouldn't look too out of place wherever I went. I'm all for comfort rather than fashion.

NAM said...

Absolutely - the skirt sound great, by the way. Like many of my fellow curators I live in trousers and jeans, for practicality, and realised some time ago that if I really like a particular day to day garment, like a T shirt, I may just as well buy two of it!