03 May 2009

Newcastle and Berwick

What on earth...?

Which is what I found myself wondering when I came across this just now among my photographs from a trip to Newcastle and Berwick a few years ago...Oh yes, now I remember, a sideways view, through a rain-spattered bus window, of the letters STO from the road markings for a Bus Stop!

On the day I went to Berwick (birthplace of my great Grandmother Ann Wood Outlaw - now there's a great surname if you come from the borders!) I was taken by the colourful display of luggage on this stall in the street market, and subsequently made it into a circle using some of the options on PaintShop...


Jilly said...

The first picture could make you a fortune if enetered for the Turner prize as art critics could have a field day offering interpretations! I like the luggage stall picture as it just shows luggage doesn't have to be black or um black.
The bottom one would make a lovely paperweight by Caithness glass

NAM said...

Thank you - I've thought 'Caithness paperweights' about the circles before now. More to follow, probably!