06 May 2009


Lyme Regis harbour at sunset

Notre Dame de Paris

Mallow on the banks of the Tweed

Rubbish on the towpath, Greenford

Photographic magic circles - some more possible paperweights, just as Jilly commented at jillysheep


Jilly said...

These would all be brilliant paperweights and I love the first two.

NAM said...

Thought you might - thanks. I haven't dome any of these for a while, but must have a go with some of the more recent - they're often quite a good use for photos that haven;t quite worked otherwise!

Jilly said...

They could be used as book covers as well - something publishers don't seem to have caught on to yet

NAM said...

I hadn't either - but you're right, of course. And there are enough around on Flickr, at least.

Lyme Regis Harbour at Sunset makes me think of something weird like John Fuller's 'Flying to Nowhere'.